Case Planning

Day of case presentations

Location - Devonshire Place, London W1

Case presentations with x-rays and study models (no patients). 
The case work-up
Treatment planning considerations for each case working with Wessex Dental Lab team (for this course) Restorative best practice

Questions which will be answered in this session 
How long should appointments be booked for realistically? 
What equipment is essential at the start? 
What implant system to buy? 


Aim & Objectives
Gain an understanding of the whole process and complete a treatment plan.  
Learn how each individual case has a unique approach and is always restorative driven. 


SESSION 3.1 – Various times depending on your patients Individual
Observing live surgery
Location - Devonshire Place, London W1

See live surgery of your implant case
Understand the anatomical boundaries and limitations
Awareness of restorative requirements
Learn valuable tips to enhance your restoration techniques.



Aim and Objective:
To gain an understanding of the placement and surgical aspects of implant dentistry and how it is intrinsic to the restorative phase.