Do I Need to find my own patients?

You are required to find 2 Implant patients to work on yourself.  This means you are indeed exposed to 10-12 real cases which will make for exceptional learning. It can cause a problem if you cannot find the patients. So, the first day is always dedicated marketing and to helping you find your cases. Please don't worry you have 3 months to find patients. 

Who will place implants in my patients?

Your chosen implant patients are expected to have their implants placed by Dr Ope Sodeinde in Devonshire Place, London. You are invited to observe.

What if I cannot make a module?

We understand that emergencies happen, however we do expect you to try and attend every module. after all it's your learning pathway. We may be able to accommodate you on another team, call us as possible.

When do I need to pay the fee? 

30 days prior to the course commencing - otherwise we offer your place to someone on the waiting list.

My principal places implants – will this be a problem?

The course cultivates a strong relationship between the surgeon( Dr Sodeinde) and the restorative dentist (You). Ope promises to train and take you under his wing with the previso that your Implant patients are referred to London Dental Specialists, this is why the course is heavily subsidised. If your principal is placing implants, this may cause a conflict of interest, especially if you are required to refer in-house to an implant Surgeon within your practice, please take this into consideration prior to applying to attend the course.

With the view to working be part of Dr Sodeinde’s restorative implant team on an on-going basis.” what do you mean?

The idea is that you work towards an advanced level of restoring so Ope can refer cases to you so you as part of his restorative circle. 

What further training will I receive?


We will be providing endless top-up days once you have completed this basic course. Which can be designed around your needs.

Study clubs

These sessions are often the most useful as we get the opportunity to discuss cases; the successes and the failure, these sessions are highly informative. We ask you to bring cases along.

Would it be possible to observe the surgical procedures and planning of my own patients?

  Yes absolutely - As long as yo are a referring practice, you can be involved with every aspect of the case.

How much should I quote my patient?

For your first couple of cases Ope always recommends giving patients a ball-park figure of  £2-3,000 per implant. That figure also include's your restorative fee. Patients then will receive full breakdown of the costs (including restorative. You will be required to charge independently for your fee.

As Ope has had years of experience pricing for implants so he can ensure your fee is correct for the restoring phase.


How long am I expected to refer cases to Ope?

Obviously, we don’t know what the future holds and if your may circumstances change that is fine. The implant dental circle is so small it is always good to have good will. There is no contract between us.