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There is a new course starting on 9th March - Please call us if you would like to have early registration.

Please call as we can discuss your training needs 020 305 33004

We warmly welcome you to apply.

Our Aim is to produce a community of like-minded dentists who have the patients best interest at heart. and are keen to become highly ethical competent restorative dentists to work alongside London Dental Specialists.

We will support and nurture you to become capable and competent restoring dentist.

If you like the sound of this and you are interested - Please get in touch

Come in for chat nand meet us - we like to get to know you!

Our classes are limited to just 5 dentists per intake, as we place a great emphasis on practical coaching and discussions which in return you will receive a high level of 1:1 tuition and a great level of training -

The competition for places is high. There is usually 15 applicants for every place available and sadly cannot take everyone.

So, we ask applicants to come along to a very informal meeting, just to find out more about you, to discuss your needs and to see if the course is for you.

Please read and understand the criteria below, then complete the application. 

Application for FREE applicants criteria

  1. You need to be working in London or near London.

  2. patients will need to attend central London for Implant placement.

  3. If your practice already places implants, you will need have discuss with principal/partner the impact of this course to avoid conflict of interest for referral purposes.

  4. You need to be fully committed to all the dates and future learning opportunities.

The Application Process

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  • Please complete the form below.

  • We will assess your application and then if successful we will email you an invitation, which will be sent to you directly.

  • If you do not hear from us within 1 week of applying, it’s best to contact us.

Lets meet-upfor a chat

  • Meetings will take place early evening and carried out in 6 weeks prior to the course commencing.

  • It can be difficult to change the times and dates of meetings but please contact us if there is a problem.

  • If you can’t attend at the allotted time, you need to let us know as soon as possible.

  • The meeting lasts about 20 minutes.

lets see if it can work

  • Following our meeting we will email to let you know within 1 week with our decision.

It was a pleasure to have meet the team, as it provided me with a clearer understanding of the syllabus and a chance to discuss my requirements.
— JL

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To apply for free education you need to be practicing in London or just outside for ease of patient access.