3 New dates released!

3 New dates released!

I have attended many implant courses in the past, during which I was shown some impressive cases, but left me feeling that I lacked the skills to restore implants.  This course has given me the skills and the know-how and the confidence.

If ever I need an expert advice Ope is just a phone call away. I highly recommend attending this course - no regret and very happy.

This course has advanced my restorative skills and dentist  - I have occlusion enlightenment, I have adapted and improved impression taking technique and also learned how to communicate better with my laboratory technician to enable a better outcome.

Our New Eduction Course for Dentists - FREE

Starting on 9th March 2019

Our philosophy is to set delegates on a 5 year pathway to become a highly competent restoring dentist . We believe that this can only be done through practical experience, which is crucial to any meaningful implant education. Our course has been designed for general dentists - who have been in practice for a couple of years who are looking to expand gently into dental implants.

By referring 12 cases a year - you will gain the practice you need to become a try restorative dentist.

We hold you hand every step of the way .. You will have a mentor to nurture your development, who will ensure you have considerable implant hands experience as well as the theoretical base of knowledge.

we will:

Set you on your way to restore minimum of 12 cases a year

Provide 4 Classroom / Hands-on days

4 practical 1:1 days

Support network

Platform to interact and discuss cases and have direct access to your mentor.

Dental Hygienist programme commencing in November

It’s that time of year which Ope enjoys the most - Tacking 15 hygienists under his wing to train for the year.

Each delegate gets an almost 1:1 experience and thoroughly nemeses themselves into in-depth perio/implant/ restorative and occlusion.

The programme boasts one of the most comprehensive education programmes for hygienists in London at the moment, and we are we are hugely proud of the scope of education we give to Dental Hygienists.

All of which is heavily subsidised by London dental specialists.

If you re considering updating your knowledge this year - they scours is not to be missed !


Day at the laboratory

What makes this course stand out form all the others - we get to go out for the day to the laboratory.

Lesson 1 - perfecting impressions

The day commences within in the surgeries where every delegate gets the opportunity to truly refine their impression taking skills, to critic their own technique and to adopt new behaviours which will help facilitate superior results - so then the dentist can sit back and relax knowing that their crown has a better chance of fitting first time with no grinding.

Lesson 2 - Articulation

group 3 .2.jpg

We then demystify articulation- using video and practical applications each delegate taken through a step by step techniques watching video and discussing the protocols.

Lesson 3 - Face bow measurements

Each delegate is taught how to take a face bow measurement. This is a approach which will be expected to be used in implant dentistry.

The day ended all to soon with delegates departing with a greater sense of the more advanced techniques of restorative dentistry.

Thank You to Wessex Dental Laboratory for their support and hosting the course within their excellent facilities

10 Reasons to apply....

We are seeking a group of dentists to work and stay together and to develop as an implant restorative team to learn to restore LDS's complex cases and to become part of a highly regarded team.

LDS ethos is to create a group of like minded dentists to train-up and mentorto become dentists who are caring professional and highly competent at implant restorative dentistry.

“As a mentor and dental implant coach I want to create an environment where dentists are unafraid to explore new avenues of thought with a focus on evidence based theories.”


1- Reduced training fee of just £500- We are determined to find the most suitable candidates and price can be a barrier. If you are interested in training in this arena we expect you to be prepared to be committed and to undertake a long-term view on your training, leading to a situation where you are able to restore more advanced cases. We are committed to assisting our restorative dentists who refer cases to us to achieving this goal.


2- The content includes protocols which promote a successful relationship between the placement surgeon, the restoring dentist and the laboratory.


3-You will be mentored and under the watchful eye of Perio Specialist Dr Ope Sodeinde, who will coach you for 6 months.


4- You are required to choose two patient’s from your practice- we will teach you how to approach and to market your service.  We encourage you to profit and earn back your investment as soon as possible.


5- 35 hours of hands-on “live skills” training – practical coaching based teaching in small groups.


6- You will not have to purchase any instruments and have full access to the LDS restorative kits.

7-You will be under the careful supervision of Dr Sodeinde during the course and beyond. You can make use of mentoring right away. Even before you commence the course you can start attending observation days.


8-Post course is when we are just a phone call away - we’ll be on hand for advice, help with treatment planning and hand-holding through impression taking.  


9- As part of the LDS restorative team you will have on-going, life-long learning: “We’ll support you, train you, mentor you”.


10- Every dentists who is with LDS has the confidence to restore. LDS is one of few courses where dentists feel confident in restoring simple cases when finished