Day at the laboratory

What makes this course stand out form all the others - we get to go out for the day to the laboratory.

Lesson 1 - perfecting impressions

The day commences within in the surgeries where every delegate gets the opportunity to truly refine their impression taking skills, to critic their own technique and to adopt new behaviours which will help facilitate superior results - so then the dentist can sit back and relax knowing that their crown has a better chance of fitting first time with no grinding.

Lesson 2 - Articulation

group 3 .2.jpg

We then demystify articulation- using video and practical applications each delegate taken through a step by step techniques watching video and discussing the protocols.

Lesson 3 - Face bow measurements

Each delegate is taught how to take a face bow measurement. This is a approach which will be expected to be used in implant dentistry.

The day ended all to soon with delegates departing with a greater sense of the more advanced techniques of restorative dentistry.

Thank You to Wessex Dental Laboratory for their support and hosting the course within their excellent facilities