Our New Eduction Course for Dentists - FREE

Starting on 9th March 2019

Our philosophy is to set delegates on a 5 year pathway to become a highly competent restoring dentist . We believe that this can only be done through practical experience, which is crucial to any meaningful implant education. Our course has been designed for general dentists - who have been in practice for a couple of years who are looking to expand gently into dental implants.

By referring 12 cases a year - you will gain the practice you need to become a try restorative dentist.

We hold you hand every step of the way .. You will have a mentor to nurture your development, who will ensure you have considerable implant hands experience as well as the theoretical base of knowledge.

we will:

Set you on your way to restore minimum of 12 cases a year

Provide 4 Classroom / Hands-on days

4 practical 1:1 days

Support network

Platform to interact and discuss cases and have direct access to your mentor.