“Lifelong professional growth starts with getting the training and skills you need in order to treat patients with excellence.”
— Ope Sodeinde

This course is FREE for London referring dentists

To enable you to restore with confidence

Module 1

How to attract and retain loyal and motivated patients.

Guest Speaker - Kevin Rose

1. Discover how to increase treatment and treatment plan acceptance

2. GDC 1.1 and ‘Montgomery’; How to reduce the likelihood of complaints to the GDC.

3. Understand the importance of first impressions and how to create a professional, credible and authoritative first impression, every time.

4. Learn about patient motivations and buying strategies.

5. Explore the potential dangers of using sales techniques.

6. How to avoid patients feeling that they have been sold to.

7. Language patterns that reduce resistance; how to use influence and persuasion techniques to achieve a mutually agreed outcome.

8. That talking confidently about money and gaining commitment can be a state of mind and not an activity.

9. How to discuss treatment options in a way that your patients will understand.

10. Have an understanding of basic NLP techniques that will help you with anxious and nervous patients.

Module 2

Simple Implant Dentistry –

Speaker - Dr Ope Sodeinde

Case Discussions

Which cases should I attempt in the early stages?

Choice of treatment options

Digital diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • CAD/CAM solutions.

  • Available restorative components.

  • Properties and aesthetics of different materials.

  • Considerations when developing the implant site.

  • The importance of implant design in implant selection

  • Pricing, What to quote your patient for this course.- open discussion

Paperwork; Good laboratory communication

Crown and Bridge Dentistry V’s Dental Implants

Single multiple and completely edentulous spaces 

Advice on which is the best dental protection and that doesn’t cost the earth.

Warranty protocols

How to find your case discussion

How to Find your ideal first case

Aim- Learn to identify a suitable case and present the concept to patients, learn talk money with confidence, pricing structure and the features and benefits of treatment. 

Module 3

“Talking implants” communication Workshop

Confidence to talk about implant to your patients

Guest speaker - Andy Smith

 You don't have to know everything about dental implants…you just need enough to be able to chat confidently and with conviction.

This day is for the whole team and it focuses on good wholesome conversations with patients.

Aims :

Learn the art of using a language which wins trust.  
How to address patients real needs and solve their problems.
Becoming confident in talking about treatments - even if you are not an expert
Develop consultative selling technique

Module 4

Occlusion in practice

Speaker - Dr.Ope Sodeinde

Have an understanding of the practical considerations of clinical occlusion in relation to the treatment of the worn dentition, including the taking of facebow and inter-occlusal records, finding centric relation, articulator selection and the concept of relative axial movement ‘Dahl phenomenon’.

  • Simplifying occlusion and understanding how occlusion affects treatment of different cases. When it’s important and when it’s not

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to treat worn localised and generalised Tooth Wear in relation to implant dentistry

Module 5

Treatment planning

Case presentations with x-rays and study models (no patients).

The case work-up

Treatment planning considerations for each case

Restorative best practice

Aim- Gain an understanding of the whole process and complete a treatment plan.  Learn how

each individual case has a unique approach and is always restorative driven.

Module 6

Nuts and bolts with Neodent  

The Neodent implant representative will go through the general componentry and discuss the impression copings.

Placing of an implant in a 3D model of patient.

Abutment selection 

Patient Specific Abutments

Cement –retained v’s Screw retained 

Over denture techniques

Digital Dentistry

Prosthesis delivery procedure 

Aim - Following this session delegate will be able to restore the simple Implant case


Practical sessions

1:1 with Ope Sodeinde

Module 7

Implant placement observing

1:1 Observing live surgery

See live surgery of your implant case

Understand the anatomical boundaries and limitations 

Awareness of restorative requirements

Learn valuable tips to enhance your restoration techniques.

Aim- To gain an understanding of the placement and surgical aspects of implant dentistry and how it is intrinsic to the restorative phase

Module 8

Impression taking

2 x 1:1 Restorative Procedures with ope Sodeinde

Each delegate will have 1:1 session

Component and impression meeting.

1- Case discussion

2-Componentry and impression taking practice on models

3- You will then have the opportunity to either observe or take the impression of the patient, with ope providing valuable support.

4- How to communicate to the laboratory and ordering components

Module 9

Fitting prosthesis

2 x 1:1 Restorative Procedures with ope Sodeinde

Each delegate will have 1:1 session

Component and impression meeting.

1- Case discussion

2-revision of components and how to fit the prosthesis

3- You will then have the opportunity to either observe or fir the prosthesis with ope providing valuable support.