Training for Referring Dentists


Reviews of past REFERRAL teams

"By far the best course for learning a new skills - It makes perfect sense, Dr Ope is providing a clear pathway of training for his referring dentists and the patients’ receive gold standard of care from a highly experienced specialist.
Preemal Haria, Dentist, North London

"We have all learned something at every session - Ope is really passionate about education, and believes it’s is his way of paying forward all the support his predecessors have him, and he certainly delivers on this. Ope is so generous with his time and has given me numerous opportunities to observe surgery. I have1:1 mentoring sessions. Ope is always at the end of the phone to help isn any way he can. Ope genuinely cares for every single patient which is in his care as well as our wellbeing.

I am now on my 12th case so far!
Karen Doherty, Dentist  Stoke Newington


I wanted to take a moment to thank you

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a another great day. You’re always going above and beyond and I appreciate this hugely. look forward to our next session
Ed Coppen, Figges Marsh Dental


I am part way through this course

with London dental Specialists. the sessions are very well organised and interactive. I now feel much more confident discussing implants with patients and cannot wait t be able to restore them as well soon. They are all extremely professional nut also lots of fun! I would defiantly recommend the course

Daniele - Figges March Dental care


Really enjoying this course

Really enjoying the LDS implant Restorative course. The course covers all aspects of patient journey, starting with the initial assessment and treatment planning right through to all the surgery and restorative stages. The principles learnt wee covered very thoroughly and are able to be used in general practice. The team are also very accommodating and tailor the course to to suit individual practicing needs.

Sophia Puri -


Informative and relevant

Having done a few session with Ope and the team, the course has been interactive and fun! This is my first interaction with implants and I’ve found the information given relevent and of an appropriate levell, while touching on other aspects of important day to day dentistry. I would defiantly recommend this course for this who want to wet their feet with implant dentistry.

Habib - Figges Marsh Dental


learn to restore Dental IMPLANTS and become a better DENTIST


Its about the patient - but also about you!

Finally, it’s not about the money - its about patient care, however, learning to respire you can increase your income. You can earn £500 for taking a simple impression and fitting a crown.