NEXT COURSE COMMENCING 28th September 2019

We will provide you with the unlimited training and mentoring required to  help you develop the skills to competently restore implants. 

Why is the course free?

We are 100% referral practice. We believe that our success lies in your success and we offer this complimentary course to our referral dentists as a demonstration of our belief. This creates a win:win scenario for the GDP, patients and us.

Attending all modules are compulsory - 4 referred patients compulsory



Everyone wins


Making it a perfect way to train!

If you are absolutely serious about learning how to restore implants - and would like to work with us as part of our referral restorative team, we will provide you with an initial 36 hours of training and then provide unlimited mentoring afterwards.

We teach how to restore implants, we nurture and develop you.

We have created an innovative learning programme where each attendee effectively learns how to restore an implant over a period of time alongside with Dr Ope Sodeinde.

We have fantastic group interaction which has proven to be huge success in the previous cohorts of the course. We actively encourage delegates to speak openly and share their experiences as we all learn from the variety of opinions and scenarios. We to continue to share these once the course has finished through our Facebook and WhatsApp group.

During the course we discuss a wide variety of cases (including cases that have not gone well). This creates a truly rounded education for all involved.

We will meet with you to chat about your thoughts and to see if we can work in harmony.

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As a general dentist I have found this course packed full of useful hints and tips which I can take straight back to my general practice immediately
— KS - London E12

Our Mission

London Dental Specialists (LDS) are looking to provide an opportunity for general dentists to become part of the LDS restorative team. Under the supervision of Dr Ope Sodeinde you will be given bespoke, evidence based training and be exposed to a variety of implant and restorative techniques. With a view to achieving excellence in your clinical lives. 

Long term view on learning   The learning does not stop - this is the beginning...

Long term view on learning
The learning does not stop - this is the beginning...

The course and beyond....

1- Reduced training fee to zero. We are determined to find the most suitable candidates and are aware that price can often be a barrier. However, we expect you to be prepared to be commit to undertake a long-term view on your training. We are committed to assisting our restorative dentists who refer cases to us to achieve there goal.

2- The content of the course includes protocols which promote a successful relationship between the placement surgeon, the restoring dentist and the laboratory.

4- You will be required to refer a good number of patient’s from your practice (higher patient numbers will lead to increased experience for you). To facilitate this, we have 2 modules focussed on patient communication for you and your team.with your patients.  

5- There are typically 4-5 delegates per cohort.

6- No need to purchase any instruments as you will have full access to the LDS restorative kits.

7-You will be under the careful supervision of Dr Sodeinde during the course and beyond. You can make use of mentoring straight away, even before you commence the course you can start to refer and attend observation days.

8- After the course. our quarterly Dental Discussion Hub events are a means of refreshing our knowledge and Dr Sodeinde is always just a phone call away, for help advice when required.  

9- As part of the LDS restorative team you will have on-going, life-long learning: “We’ll support you, train you, mentor you”.

10- LDS is one of few courses where dentists feel confident in restoring simple cases following the completion of this course.

Open door policy We don’t just provide a course and leave you… this is the beginning of your journey.  

We feel a duty of care to provide you with a high level of the support needed to grow your implant knowledge. We are always contactable and our door is always open.
We will provide quarterly top-up training to further expand your knowledge in this ever changing subject.

If you feel this sounds like you and you are interested, please apply.